Dominik Schlösser
Dominik Schlösser

Dominik Schlösser
Independent AI research & consulting

Recent projects
Neural network library inspired by Stanford's CS231n course, written in C++. The library supports fully connected networks, convolutions (CNN), recurrent neural nets (RNN) and long-term short-term memory networks (LSTM). The neural library relies only on Eigen3 for fast tensor operations. Examples show implementations for CIFAR10, MNIST and text generation via LSTMs.
A tensorflow implementation of text generation using LSTM networks.
A pytorch implementation of text generation using LSTM networks.
muwerk embedded cooperative multitasking platform
muwerk is a cooperative scheduler with mqtt-like queues for embedded systems (C++).
Python-mchess, a client library to connect to hardware chess boards
python-mchess is a collections of libraries to work with Millennium's Chess Genius Exclusive chess board via the Chess Link interface.